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Re Kabira 001 - Sādhū bhūkhā bhāva kā

-- o ReKabira 001 o --  साधू भूखा भाव का, धन का भूखा नाही | धन का भूखा जो फिरे, सो तो साधू नाही || Sādhū bhūkhā bhāva kā, dhana kā bhūkhā nāhī | dhana kā bhūkhā jō phirē, sō tō sādhū nāhī || Sant Kabir Das Translation: Sage has hunger for devotion, not wealth. If one has hunger for wealth, then he / she can't be a sage. My Interpretation: A noble and wise person has drive for excellence and pursues passion for greater cause. And not personal or vested interest. One with personal or vested interest could only be a good business person not a wise one. Pursue excellence, be driven by passion and have an impact greater cause. -- o ReKabira 001 o --