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Re Kabira 009 - Greed

--o Re Kabira 009 o-- जियरा जाहुगे हम जानीं |  आवैगी कोई लहरि लोभ की बूडैगा बिनु पानी|   राज करता राजा जाइगा रूप दिपती रानी|  जोग करंता जोगी जाइगा कथा सुनंता ग्यानी|  चंद जाइगा सूर जाइगा जाइगा पवन औ पांनी|  कहै कबीर तेरा संत न जाइगा राम भगति ठहरानी|| -oo संत कबीर दास oo- When greed hits you like a wave You don't need water to drown. Whether it's a king on his throne Or a pretty queen, A chanting pundit Or a miracle-working yogi, They'll all die by drowning In a waterless sea. Who survives? The ones whose minds, Kabir says, Are tied to rocks.    --oo Sant Kabir Das oo-- --o Re Kabira 009 o--

Re Kabira 008 - Belief

--o Re Kabira 008 o-- मोको कहां ढूँढे रे बन्दे, मैं तो तेरे पास में | खोजि होए तुरत मिल जाउं, मैं तो हूं विश्वास में ||  ---oo Sant Kabir Das oo--- Translation: Where are you looking for me mate, I am close to you. You just need to discover, I am in your belief. My Interpretation: You can't find peace anywhere but in your own belief. These couplets were part of Kabir's Poem: मोको कहां ढूँढे रे बन्दे, मैं तो तेरे पास में ना तीरथ मे ना मूरत में, ना एकान्त निवास में ना मंदिर में ना मस्जिद में, ना काबे कैलास में मैं तो तेरे पास में बन्दे, मैं तो तेरे पास में ना मैं जप में ना मैं तप में, ना मैं बरत उपास में ना मैं किरिया करम में रहता, नहिं जोग सन्यास में नहिं प्राण में नहिं पिंड में, ना ब्रह्याण्ड आकाश में ना मैं प्रकुति प्रवार गुफा में, नहिं स्वांसों की स्वांस में खोजि होए तुरत मिल जाउं, इक पल की तालास में कहत कबीर सुनो भई साधो, मैं तो हूं विश्वास में --o Re Kabira 008 o--

Re Kabira 007 - Depth of Knowledge

-- o Re Kabira 007 o -- चली जो पुतली लौन की , थाह सिंधु का लेन | आपहू गली पानी भई , उलटी काहे को बैन || Translation: A figurine of salt entered the ocean to find its depth. It dissolved and became part of salty water, now who will come back to tell the depth of the ocean. --- oo Sant Kabir Das oo --- My Interpretation: Knowledge is like ocean. One who wants to find more, gets overwhelmed and merges in vast ocean of knowledge. We need someone (guru / teacher) to come out of those depths and share the wonderful world of knowledge and enlighten the world. -- o Re Kabira 007 o --

Re Kabira 006 - Words

--- o Re Kabira 006 o --- शब्द बराबर धन नहीं, जो कोई जाने बोल | हीरा तो दामो मिले, शब्द मोल न तोल || --- oo Sant Kabir Das oo --- Translation: Words are invalualble, only a good orator know it. You can buy jewels for any value, but it is very difficult to value words. My Interpretation: One should be very careful with what they speak and words they choose. Words have immense value, if used appropriately (at right time, at right place and at right location). Whether ones intentions are good or bad, can be achieved with right selection words.   --- o Re Kabira 006 o ---

Re Kabira 005 - Equality

--- 0 Re Kabira 005 o ---  कबीरा खड़ा बाज़ार में, सबकी मांगे खैर | ना काहू से दोस्ती, ना काहू से बैर || Translation: Kabir is in the market square, wishing well for everyone.   Not thinking of friendship or animosity with anyone. --- oo Sant Kabi r Das oo --- My Interpretation: Kabir in these two lines talks about equality, he wishes well for everyone irrespective whether friend or enemy, whether acquaintance or stranger. He is not biased based on religion or caste, that is why he chose market square to send his message instead of going to temple or mosque. This message had great meaning centuries ago and has stronger message today. --- 0 Re Kabira 005 o ---

Re Kabira 004 - Humanity

-- o Re Kabira 00 4 o -- न जात न धर्म, न ही रंग या रूप । सतावे जो प्राणी को, वो मानवता का है कुरूप ।। ‪ Translation: There is no religion , caste, color or form o f  inhuman actions . One who ca uses trouble or distress to other beings   is worst possible human behavi or. Ashutosh Jhureley -- o Re Kabira 004 o --

Re Kabira 003 - Stop the killings

--- o Re Kabira 003 o ---  भगा दिया राम को, अल्लाह हो गया बहरा । मानुस देख कर्मो को, रो रहा है रे कबीरा ।। ‪ Translation: Look at actions of yourselves, everyone is suffering. Ram (hindu god) ran away from earth and all the gods have gone deaf after witnessing the actions of human. -- ashutosh jhureley #‎ iamkabira‬ Awantipora Mumbai London Beirut London Paris New York Moscow Madrid Istanbul Nairobi Bangkok Delhi Peshawar Kabul Bagdad Quetta Nice Berlin Brussels Lahore Istanbul Cairo Bambari Kuzdhar Pukharayan Hillah Gao Aden Sehwan Kaduna Sosyan Homs Karachi Uri Hama Mastung Hawija Mogadishu Hasakah  Wadi-al-Shatii Mosul Parachinar Tshikapa Damascus Aleppo Balkh Sukma Tanta Alexandria  Manchester #‎ stopthekillings‬ #terrorismhasnoreligon #terrorism #humanity --- o Re Kabira 003 o ---

Re Kabira 002 - Bhopal

--- o Re Kabira 002 o --- भोपाल  हवा क्या होती है, पूछो भोपाल से .... पानी क्या होता है, पू छो भोपाल से .... रात क्या होती है, रात क्या होती है, पूछो भोपाल से .... अगर जवाब न मिले, पूछो तो चिल्लाके .... !!! सब्र क्या है, पूछो भोपाल से .... अन्याय किसे कहते हैं,  पू छो भोपाल से .... बिना दोष के सज़ा क्या होती है, पूछो भोपाल से .... ज़िन्दगी और मौत का फासला, पूछो ये भी भोपाल से .... What does the wind feel like, ask someone in Bhopal! What does water taste like ask someone in Bhopal! How scary a night could be, ask someone in Bhopal! What does patience truly mean, ask someone in Bhopal! What is the definition of injustice, ask someone in Bhopal! How a punishment without a crime like,   ask someone in Bhopal! How close is the gap between life and death, ask someone in Bhopal! If you don't get an answer, scream for an answer..... !!! --o आशुतोष झुड़ेले o-- -- Ashutosh Jhureley -- I penned a few lines on the evening of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy when there w

Re Kabira 001 - Sādhū bhūkhā bhāva kā

-- o ReKabira 001 o --  साधू भूखा भाव का, धन का भूखा नाही | धन का भूखा जो फिरे, सो तो साधू नाही || Sādhū bhūkhā bhāva kā, dhana kā bhūkhā nāhī | dhana kā bhūkhā jō phirē, sō tō sādhū nāhī || Sant Kabir Das Translation: Sage has hunger for devotion, not wealth. If one has hunger for wealth, then he / she can't be a sage. My Interpretation: A noble and wise person has drive for excellence and pursues passion for greater cause. And not personal or vested interest. One with personal or vested interest could only be a good business person not a wise one. Pursue excellence, be driven by passion and have an impact greater cause. -- o ReKabira 001 o --