Re Kabira 002 - Bhopal

--- o Re Kabira 002 o ---

हवा क्या होती है, पूँछो भोपाल से ....
पानी क्या होता है, पूँछो भोपाल से ....
रात क्या होती है, पूँछो भोपाल से ....
ज़िन्दगी और मौत का फासला, पूँछो ये भी भोपाल से ....
असहिष्णुता क्या होती है, पूँछो भोपाल से ....
अगर जवाब न मिले, पूँछो तो चिल्लाके .... !!!

--o आशुतोष झुड़ेले o--

What does wind feel like, ask someone in Bhopal !
What  does water taste like ask someone in Bhopal !
How scary a night could be, ask someone in Bhopal !
How close is the gap between life and death, ask someone in Bhopal !
What intolerance truly means, ask someone in Bhopal!
If you don't get an answer, then scream for an answer..... !!!

-- Ashutosh Jhureley --

I penned down few lines on the evening of Bhopal Gas Tragedy, when there was lot of debate and noise about intolerance in India. People of Bhopal witnessed worst industrial disaster in history of mankind. Suffering are such that generations are suffering - polluted air, polluted water, polluted genes but all of them are fighting the battle for justice. Wanted to highlighted and remind elites of Bollywood and literary India how tolerant and patient Indians are....

I was there on the night with my family, very close to union carbide and somehow lived to witness what happened afterwards. Bhopal still haunts me.... nightmares lives on.. 2-3 December 1984

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--- o Re Kabira 002 o ---

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