Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Re Kabira 0040 - Switch

--o Re Kabira 0040 o--

lets walk lets walk, lets turn the engine off
lets switch lets switch, lets switch to an electric car
 turn off turn off, lets turn the switches off
lets plant lets plan, lets plant as many trees
recycle recycle, recycle all our waste
less plastic less plastic, lets stop the use of plastic

-- Aditi Jhureley --

--o Re Kabira 0040 o-- 

Re Kabira 0039 - Thistle

--o Re Kabira 0039 o--
when my mother starts to feed, she drops out a seed
when I start to grow, my spikes start to show

somehow I show something very very pink and I don't know what its is, so I start to think
if someone comes and I'm getting picked, I will get angry and they will get pricked

when I get old, I start to droop down
I will start to die with a big, unhappy frown

-- Aadit Jhureley --

 --o Re Kabira 0039 o-- 

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