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Re Kabira 0029 - Light & Knowledge

--o Re Kabira 0029 o--  दीपक पावक आँनिया,तेल भि आना संग। तीन्यँ मिलि करि जोइया, उड़ि उड़ि पड़ैं पतंग।। --o संत कबीर दास  o-- Translation: Ingredients of light are lamp, oil and fire. Once there is light, insect automatically gets attracted and intensity of fire kills them.   --o Sant Kabir Das o-- My Interpretation: Similarly, true knowledge can be achieved once you have guru (lamp), respect for guru (oil) and devotion to gain knowledge (fire). All thought leading to misdeed vanishes with the power & intensity of knowledge.      --o Re Kabira 0029 o--