Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Re Kabira 058 - That Shadow of Mine

 --o Re Kabira 058 o--

I was a hollow frame, with that shadow of mine

my mother instilled beliefs in my mind

a teacher walked along and left trust behind

and a family reminded me of pride that outshined

I was a friend, with that shadow of mine

someone robbed me of my beliefs

I carried on with that trust & pride of mine

another robbed me of my trust

I carried on with my pride that once outshined

Yesterday I've been robbed again and left me with no pride

and I'm carrying on with a hollow frame of mine

don't know how to get rid of that shadow of mine

it's always following me behind,

that shadow of mine

-- Ashutosh Jhureley --

--o Re Kabira 058 o--

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