Re Kabira 0036 - Magical Mumma

--o Re Kabira 0036 o--

Magical Mumma

mumma .. you are so magical
mumma ... you are unpredictable
mumma ... you have a massive heart
mumma ... you are like a melody
mumma ... you are so amazing and jazzy
But we've only got a thing to tell you...
you are our mumma mumma mumma
we love you
mumma mumma mumma
we love you

Happy Birthday Mumma !!!

--o Aadit + Aditi o--

Shikha is raising money for Dreamflight by accepting the dare to skydive... the skydive o get as many deserving children possible to Orlando and make their dreams come alive !!

Please help Shikha raise money by donating generously. Dream flight is such a great charity helping so many young children. This is your chance to make a difference to a young life by making a small contribution.

--o Re Kabira 0036 o--

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