Saturday, 23 December 2017

Re Kabira 0027 - Giving दान दिये धन ना घटै

--o Re Kabira 0027 o--

चिड़ी चोंच भर लै गई, नदी घटया ना नीर। 
दान दिये धन ना घटै, कह गए दास कबीर।।
Translation: Even if a bird takes mouthful of water, water in the river doesn't diminish. Kabir says your wealth will not diminish by your charity.
My Interpretation: One doesn't become rich by accumulating, but becomes richer by giving.  

 --o संत कबीर दास  o--
--o Sant Kabir Das o--

--o Re Kabira 0027 o--

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